A formal introduction.


Hi, I’m Prize. I’ve been reading and following blogs since ‘09. I’ve gotten a lot of valuable information and advice from them that I still use. I finally decided to start a blog and I’ll tell you why. There are countless reasons why I started it but I’ll tell you the most interesting …

First, I definitely want to give back to the community. I’m an autodidact and most of what I learn comes from the internet and it’s free. It comes in the form of blog posts, videos, sound, pictures, et cetera. There are a lot of really helpful people out there that are just blogging their thoughts, that’s it. Those thoughts help me learn though, and I’m tired of being selfish and hoarding all the information to myself without sharing. I want to spread the useful and thought-provoking information I find to the world. Not only do I want to share the things I find but I also want to contribute.

That leads me to my second reason, contribution. I want to give back as others have given to me. I want to write about the things I find interesting, because hopefully others will find it interesting as well. As I get ideas I would like to blog about them instead of dumping my thoughts, in an unorganized fashion mind you, on .txt files. Never again will I open those .txt files, that’s the saddest. Creating a blog will force me to write in a logical and coherent way (I hope so, at least).

And that’s my third reason. I want to improve my writing ability. At times I find it hard to put my thoughts into words, but starting a blog will hopefully remedy that. I want to express myself freely. At times when I’m talking to someone or writing my .txt files, I don’t realize until after that I didn’t say or write exactly what I wanted to. I either phrased it wrong, or didn’t use the right word. It’s quite frustrating and happens often. I’m usually on the right topic but the exact words don’t match up with my thoughts. Maybe communicating with you would help?

We finally reach my last point, connectivity. I want to connect with others on the internet. I want to discuss my ideas with other like-minded people and even people who oppose the way I think? Do you oppose the way I think? Heh, I’m joking but in all seriousness, it all helps. It gives me a way to approach something from a different angle. It lets me think outside the box about something.

Yay, We’ve reached the end of this very formal, and very long, introduction. I’ll conclude with a TL;DR version.

  • My name is Prize
  •  I finally decided to start a blog.
  • Why, you ask? Well I want to give back to the community, contribute, improve my writing ability, and connect with others.

That’s it! If you liked my introduction then talk to me. Ask me question. Ask me about my interests, about my musical tastes, or whatever comes to your mind. I definitely want to connect with you all.

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