Climbing aboard the Project Euler train.

project euler

That’s right, I finally decided to try Project Euler. I kept hearing about it everywhere and finally decided to go there and see what all the fuss was about. I’ll just say this. The website is wonderful and all programmers should check it out!

What is Project Euler you ask? Well if you don’t know by now, it is a website that has a series of challenging computer programming / mathematical problems. They’re designed to be solved on a computer, with a programming language.

My favorite feature on Project Euler has to be Statistics section. In there you can find out the number of users per country and stats about the programming language you want to use. I found out a couple of interesting stats about the language I’m using to solve these challenges, JavaScript (A dialect of ECMAScript). There are 325 users who have ECMAScript set as their language. I also know that there are at least 153 problems that are solvable using the language because if you look at the score section for ECMAScript, the top scorer has solved that amount. So if you’re curious if your language is capable of solving these challenges then take a look at the stats. Now it isn’t entirely accurate because it doesn’t show which specific problems have been solved but it’s close enough, in my opinion.

So far I have only solved 4 of the problems. I’ve been having a lot of fun though, so I plan on continuing to visit this website and attempting to solve the problems. They really do make you think logically about how you will go about solving them. These challenges are perfect for someone like me who, at times, has problems thinking about how to logically approach a programming problem.

If you’re programmer and you’re hungry for a mathematical challenge, then Project Euler is just for you.

To conclude, I will post some of the solutions to the problems I have solved. If you have already solved them yourself then feel free to talk to me about how to approach it differently to speed the calculations. I’m always open to a better approach.

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