Stop Being So Negative

Positive Thinking

I used to be a very pessimistic person. I used to be negative about everything and I never used to instill any positivity into anyone. No one used to like to hang around me because I was so negative all the time. Me being the person who I was back then, I thought this was just hate. I thought people didn’t like me because of very strange and esoteric reasons. “I’m not like them” I thought to myself. “No one understands me” I used to say everyday. I soon enough came to the realization that it was just me. No one likes a sour apple, and being negative all the time really makes people think you’re sad and have nothing going for yourself.

I began to think to myself, “Why am I so negative all the time?” I looked around and it all clicked. The blogs I used to read, the videos I used to watch, my wallpaper, and everything else ! It was all so negative and it really does get to you. If you’re always around negative things, then you will become a negative person. Negativity is so much easier to instill into someone than positivity.

There are two sides to the coin of life. Everyone knows that there are very negative things about life, and very positive things about life. I won’t deny the fact that there are both in this world. If you only focus on one then you’re missing out on the other side. You can’t be completely negative because then you’re a pessimist, but you also can’t be completely positive because then you’re just being unreal.

One day I decided I wanted to become a more positive person. It wasn’t anything huge, I just slowly made adjustments to my lifestyle. I started getting away from the blogs that were solely negative, the vloggers, and I even changed my wallpaper. I began to seek out motivational bloggers, and inspirational podcasts. I began subscribing to more hard working and inspirational youtubers. I even started a blog and made a twitter to connect with these people. It all helps and you don’t notice it at first but your thoughts will slowly become more positive. Instead of thinking, “What’s the point?” You’ll begin to think, “I have to work hard!” You will see all the positive people that you’re following working hard, and you will want to work hard and stay positive like them too.

If you want to become positive, surround yourself with positive things and people. Their positivity will soon get to you and you’ll experience more positive thinking. You will notice that less things will annoy you. You will be more productive during the day, and you’ll be less stressed out. Being positive has so many benefits and that’s why I decided to change. Everyone loves being around a positive person and you’ll gain more opportunities as well.

P.S. This was more or less just me rambling. Tell me what you think about this post in the comments. More of a twitter person? Well you can send me a tweet @derickprize

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