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When learning something new, just enjoy the journey.

Joshua Bell Playing Violin

In this goal-focused society, we’re always putting the most emphasis on reaching the end of a goal. We, as humans, always want to gain a skill in the least amount of time as possible. I’m sure you have seen those ads that say, “Be Fluent in Japanese in One Month!”, or “Learn how to program in C++ in just 14 days!” or others that are very similar. Why is it that we’re so attracted to gaining skills quickly? We like to focus a lot of energy on when we will finally be able to enjoy the delicious fruits of our hard labor, and that’s why I think we don’t put any focus on actually having fun and enjoying the journey of learning the skill itself.

5 Reasons why you should use Wunderlist for your to-do lists


I’m a big fan of to-do lists, and I think they’re great! To-do lists are awesome for getting you organized and I think they can really give you a big boost while studying. They’re amazing because you can list the things you have to do and just forget about them. Instead of trying to remember what you have to do all the time, just take a look at your to-do list and you will remember. Wouldn’t you rather save your brain power for more important things (like studying Japanese, or writing that killer app)?

Although I’m a big fan of to-do lists, I never really used them until recently. The reason for that is because I’m not really a fan of writing things down with pen and paper. In this new digital age who will bother to pull out pen and paper when you can type it out on your phone or computer? If you feel that way about pen and paper, then Wunderlist is perfect for you! Even if you enjoy writing more than I do, you will not be able to resist the countless features that this application has to offer.

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No, you’re not too busy to study Japanese

too busy

How many times, on a given day, do you find yourself saying you’re too busy? Have you ever really given it any thought? Although you’re so busy, at the end of the day what have you accomplished?

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No Internet? No Problem.

No Internet Sad Face

If you’re like me, you spend over 12 hours a day on the Internet. Most of your hobbies require a computer and not having Internet would really be a detriment to your day. You probably wouldn’t even be able to socialize with a lot of your friends if you couldn’t connect to the Internet. Basically, 90% of your life takes place on the Internet and without it you would perish. I’m going to tell you that although it will not be all roses and daisies, you can still manage to get a couple of things done without it.

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