A shark’s view: Introduction

Derick Prize

Prize, the shark.

A shark’s view is a new series I’m beginning. This series will contain posts on my personal views on a variety of topics. The topics will range from Computers and Software Engineering to Psychology and Linguistics. The reason I have not blogged about these topics yet is because they don’t fit my blog’s theme. This series will allow me to blog about my personal opinions on topics without worrying about whether the post fits my blog’s theme or not.


Q: Why is the series named “A shark’s view?”
A: I’m Derick Prize, a very lonely shark in the vast open ocean known as the Internet.

Q: How long will this series last?
A: Hopefully a long time because I have a lot to say.

Q: Will you still blog about personal development?
A: I’m not very knowledgeable on the topic of personal development, but yes I will continue to make posts about that topic. In the mean time, I’ll recommend a list of very good personal development blogs that I read:

Q: Can I suggest something for a shark’s view?
A: Definitely! You can send me a message via twitter here, or leave a comment on this post.

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